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Solar Panel Cleaning

Our Residential Pricing Structure.

Small array (1-10) 
Less than 2 years since installation
More than 2 years since installation
£10-14 per panel
£7.50 per panel
£15-20 per panel
If your inquiry is of a commercial nature
Please note that we may need to use a scaffold tower if the panels have a lot of moss and lichen and they are situated on the roof of a standard house. This will incur additional charges.

The Spotless Group are a locally based company in Oxford that uses the latest equipment in all its Solar Panel Cleaning that it under takes. Our team are trained to the highest degree and take pride in the work that they do. 

The Spotless Group realise that Solar Panel Cleaning is sometimes one of those jobs that's important but also rarely carried out. We are willing and ready to take on any size Solar Panel Cleaning in Oxford and the surrounding areas. Solar panel cleaning and maintenance should never be taken lightly. 

The Spotless Group highly recommend Solar Panel Cleaning be done regularly at least twice a year as it is important in maintaining their efficiency.

What kind of properties do we clean?




Solar Panels

Schools & Colleges


Solar Farms & Solar Parks


It's interesting to note that dirty solar panels can lose a minimum of 15-25% if they are not cleaned correctly, and having them cleaned regularly helps maximise the energy they can produce.

When you first installed your solar panels you were more than likely given an estimated output that your solar panels were guaranteed to produce, but over time this would eventually reduce. One of the reasons for this is due to a build of a thin covering of dust laying on the solar panels. 

Another reason for this is that because most solar panels are kept in a upwards tilt it means they are now more prone to falling debris like bird droppings, moss and even algae which when left for long periods of time will build up, reducing the output that you could get. 

What are the benefits of Solar Panel Cleaning?

Ensure maximum output

Maintains your warranty

Extends the life of your investment

Prevents permanent module staining 

Gives you peace of mind


It's important to remember when solar panel cleaning that using the correct water with the correct equipment is used to ensure that your solar panels are kept to their best. 

Oxford water is very hard so its it is inadvisable to clean your solar panels with regular tap water due to high levels of limescale present doing so can adversely affect the integrity of your solar panels.

In fact studies have shown that rainwater is not an effective way of cleaning them and will in fact leave small marks on the panels.

Solar panels that are cleaned professionally had a 12% higher output of electricity compared to those merely left to be rained on.

This is where the purified water that The Spotless Group use comes into play perfectly, safely getting rid of the dirt and build-up that prevent your solar panels from working at maximum efficiency, doing so saves you money and over the course of the year you will get more from your solar panel investment.

When cleaning we may need to use a lifting substance for very heavy soiled solar panels but these are completely safe for the solar panels and are specifically made for such work.

In fact solar panels that are cleaned twice a year produce 5.1% more electricity than those which are left uncleaned. 

Here at The Spotless Group, we believe we can reduce your solar panel cleaning cost to a minimum and by cleaning the solar panels help increase their efficiency and keep them looking immaculate.


We pride ourselves on our solar panel cleaning and the professional and courteous way we carry out our work. All of us at The Spotless Group look forward to hearing from you regarding solar panel cleaning and together we can make sure this important reusable energy source is kept clean and efficient.


What happens on the day of the clean?


After the initial visit one of The Spotless Group team will arrive on time in one of our signed vans. They will then introduce themselves to you and explain again if needed how the solar panel cleaning process will commence.

Then after walking around your property making sure there are no obstacles for when the solar panel cleaning takes place.


Most of the time the solar panel cleaning can be done from the ground using our specialist pure water reach and wash pole system and attached to this pole is an extra soft brush that sprays the pure water onto the panels. Using this method prevents us from walking on any roofs.

For solar panel cleaning on commercial and taller buildings, we are able to reach your solar panels using high reach access equipment, of which we would ensure that you are kept in the loop for when this equipment would arrive.

We would ensure the area is safe and a risk assessment is carried out if requested so that all are aware of solar panel cleaning that is being carried out.

Why Choose The Spotless Group for Solar Panel Cleaning?
  • Experienced Solar Panel Cleaners

  • Friendly Customer Service

  • Uniformed Operatives

  • Oxford Area

  • Reliability

  • Flexible Scheduling

  • Competitive Pricing

  • Choose from a one off, annual or a bi-annual solar panel cleaning service

  • High Tech Cleaning Systems

  • Industrial Equipment

  • Highly Trained Teams

  • Quality Guaranteed

  • Fully Insured

  • Ultra Care As Standard

  • Traditional Methods

  • No Harmful Chemicals

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