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The Spotless Group have been cleaning both residential and commercial windows in and around the Oxford area for years. Take the appearance of your home or business to the next level by using our team of professional window cleaners.


The Spotless Group cleaning service has been rated as one of the best in Oxford by our clients.


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Residential Window Cleaning

How do The Spotless Group Teams Clean Residential Windows?

We use two tried and tested methods: Pure Water Cleaning and Traditional Cleaning

Cleaning your windows can be very time consuming, even more so if your windows aren’t regularly kept clean. The Spotless Group Window Cleaning Service will free up your time and allow you to do things that are more important to you. The Spotless Group serve hundreds of residential clients in and around the Oxford area. Whether you need one-off cleaning before moving out of your property or regular cleaning to keep the windows and frames sparkling year round, we can meet your needs. We clean all types of residential homes in and around Oxford, from one bedroom flats through to large period houses on multiple floors, so whatever your residence we can help you.

Pure Water Cleaning

The Pure Water cleaning method, also known as the Reach and Wash cleaning method, is currently the most advanced window cleaning approach in Oxford.


The reach and wash cleaning method (Pure Water) is tried and tested for cleaning both residential and commercial windows within the Oxford and surrounding areas.


It uses a system that filters thousands of litres of water per week through a 5 stage filtration process - leaving the water completely free from impurities


During the window cleaning process we use the purified water to wash and clean the windows using a high-quality, telescopic, state of the art, carbon-fibre pole that has a specially-designed, soft bristled brush on the end that continuously streams water onto the glass - leaving a sparkling, smear-free window. It rinses beautifully at it cleans.


We wipe the windows, frames and sills with soft bristle brushes and then once again rinse over with 100% purified water in order to leave a spotless, sparkling & streak free finish. Even older properties with delicate windows can benefit from this incredible, environmentally friendly method.

Our experienced Window Cleaning Teams all safely use the Pure Water fed pole system. Due to its highly effective results in one off cleans, builders cleans, and initial cleaning visits, it is certainly our most popular exterior cleaning service.


Benefits of Pure Water Cleaning


Clean up to unlimited heights

Clean with greater efficiency

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Reach previously inaccessible windows, like skylights, with ease!

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Clean windows, UPVC, Atria, signs, panelling, cladding, facades, glass roofs and canopies to a spot-free finish.


Cleaning as external frames included as standard.

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Environmentally friendly  - no harmful chemicals used. Ever. 


Operators work from the safety of the ground.

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Maintains privacy and reduces disturbances 

Saves clients money


Traditional Cleaning - Insides

In our 20+ years of operating in the Oxfordshire area, we have come to understand that client requirements vary - with the consensus being not enjoying water being sprayed around the house!

The Traditional cleaning method uses ladders, squeegees and an industrial bucket of water - and is still preferred by hundreds of clients in and around the Oxford area. 


Unlike the pure water fed pole cleaning method, our traditional window cleaning method uses detergents to get rid of dirt and grime from your glass. 


We highly recommend this method for Internal Window Cleaning. 


It is standard practice to use regular, unfiltered tap water for this kind of window cleaning but here at The Spotless Group we go the extra mile and use Pure Water - the same, rigorously filtered water that we use for the reach and wash cleaning method. This guarantees a sparkling clean. 


If you require interior window cleaning in Oxford and the surrounding areas and have an older property with delicate windows, our team would be more than happy to accommodate you. 


All members of The Spotless Group are trained to a high standard in this cleaning method. 

Benefits of Traditional Water Cleaning


Cleaning of internal windows

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Confined spaces

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We use microfibre pads for the cleaning of the glass of internal windows

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Pure water is used with a dash of mild detergent.

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Eco friendly materials used where possible

Our Clients Say

"SPOTLESS provide us with regular window cleaning services, very reliable and pleasure to deal with. I'd have no hesitation in recommending them!"

Greg B.

"The SPOTLESS Group have worked at my property in Oxfordshire on numerous occasions, both inside and out and I have always been delighted with their work ethic and fine results."

Daniel G.

"Very happy with my lovely clean windows - it had been a while since they were last cleaned ... an amazing job at a really reasonable price. Highly recommend."

Sarah B.


Commercial Window Cleaning

How do The Spotless Group Teams Clean Commercial Windows?

We use two tried and tested methods: Pure Water Cleaning and Traditional Cleaning


The Spotless Group carry out window cleaning services for numerous of businesses across Oxfordshire. 

Whether you need a thorough builders window clean before moving into a premises or a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly clean to maintain the professional appearance of your business, we are here to help. Using Pure Water Cleaning and Traditional Window Cleaning - always guaranteeing excellent results.

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