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Roof Cleaning Oxford

The Spotless Group offer roof cleaning in Oxford and a moss removal service for your home and we also provide the same cleaning services for commercial customers in and around Oxford. 


While the Spotless Group team are cleaning the windows or cleaning the gutters, they notice the roof of the properties. You may now have Sparkling clean windows and whiter than white gutters and yet the roof itself needs a cleaning or moss removal

Due to the location of Oxford and the surrounding areas the growth of moss, fungi, algae and lichens all thrive on roofs. Over time roofs start to collect dirt and become stained from other air bound pollutants particularly when close to Oxford's busy roads.


Bird droppings can also be an unsightly issue. Also, because our Oxford home roofs are constantly being battered by the elements, moss can grow quickly and if left untreated it can start to build up. Over time this can lead to bigger issues. In addition, many don't realise that if you have some of Oxford's beautiful, large trees near your property then these may shade the roof, stopping it from drying completely after a spell of rain. A damp roof is an ideal place for moss and mould to grow. This is why moss removal and roof cleaning are so important, especially in the Oxford areas.

Roof Cleaning Oxford

When moss is left to grow on the tiles after rainfall the loose moss is washed off the roof, into your gutters and down the pipes which then potentially could block them up. This means another type of cleaning job is required, that of gutter emptying and cleaning (which the Spotless Group are again happy to help if required.)


Therefore, it really does make sense to ensure roof cleaning is undertaken on a regular basis, and that the roof is kept as moss free as possible as it can make more sense financially.


The benefits of roof cleaning by The Spotless Group are that we are just a phone call away, being locally based in Oxford. Our pricing is competitive due to the fact that our overheads at The Spotless Group are minimal. We don’t pay for canvassers or sales teams and our operatives don’t have to travel great distances to come and clean your roof. In fact, most of our operatives live in the immediate Oxford area.


As always with The Spotless Group we really do enjoy meeting our new customers in person before we take on the work. It also gives you the assurance that we are who we say we are and that on the day of the roof cleaning you already know us.

Another Benefit of using The Spotless Group in cleaning your roof and the removal of moss is that unlike other companies we only use Environmentally Friendly products that don’t harm your plants,your home or even your pet.

Roof Cleaning Oxford

What Are the Benefits of Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal?


Your home roof looks and works better

Untitled_Artwork 1.png

No bunged-up drain pipes due to moss being washed off the roof

Untitled_Artwork 2.png

Enhances your home's value

Untitled_Artwork 3.png

The lifespan of your roof is increased

Untitled_Artwork 4.png

Regular roof maintenance more cost-effective than having to replace the roof

Roof Cleaning Oxford

We understand that every moss removal and roof cleaning job we undertake will be different and so will the requirements for each individual house. This is why we book in to visit you and view your property before the actual roof cleaning process takes place. The knowledge, expertise and experience of roof cleaning that we have gained over the years mean that we can properly assess and advise on the best and most appropriate roof cleaning method for your home.


We then confirm the price and arrange a day and time to carry out the roof cleaning. On the actual day of the roof cleaning and moss removal we will again introduce ourselves and explain the process for your peace of mind. You will be able to identify our Spotless Group operatives by our uniforms, signed vans and friendly demeanours!


After checking in with you on the day of the clean, we will visually inspect the roof for any breakages or cracks and if any are found we will let you know. Please bear in mind that despite this initial inspection of your roof, during the clean itself we may yet find broken or cracked tiles that are hidden or covered by the moss as these are ideal places for moss to grow. It's only after the completion of the roof cleaning and moss removal that we will have a full picture of the state of your roof.


We then then pre-treat the roof with our environmentally friendly product. As mentioned before some other roof cleaning companies use industrial cleaning liquids that damage both your roof and property and can also hurt your plants! But we take pride in knowing that the products we use in roof cleaning and moss removal are completely environmentally sound.


While the product is working on the roof, we then get our specialist roof cleaning and moss removal equipment prepped and ready for the 'hard graft' work ahead of removing and brushing. If after the roof cleaning we do notice any hidden crack or repairs that are needed, we again will let you know.


Now that the roof cleaning and moss removal process has been completed, we highly recommend a roof tile sealer. Our roof tile sealer comes with 10 Year Guarantee and will help to protect the roof tiles from deterioration. The roof tile sealer will also make roof tiles water-resistant which in turn makes it harder for moss to grow on them.

This treatment helps filter out harmful UV rays that harm your roof, it also allows your roof to breathe even though it has this coating on. Applying a roof tile sealer can also help reduce energy bills by keeping the roof tiles dry and stop heat transference


Lastly when the roof has been cleaned and sealed if requested,

The Spotless Group team will walk round your property to clean up any loose debris that has fallen. And that’s it!

At The Spotless Group we always offer a free, no obligation quote on all our work whether that’s Roof Cleaning, Moss Removal, Window Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning or even Jet washing.


If you have any question about the cleaning process then please don’t hesitate to ask and one of our team will kindly answer your concerns and questions.

How Often Should Roofs Be Cleaned?

That’s a good question!

We highly recommend a pattern of regular maintenance and that you visually check your roof at least twice a year. Following your  first roof clean with The Spotless Group, the moment you notice signs such as; moss build up or streaking, algae and lichens, or dark spots on the roof tiles then give us a call. Due to the fact that the first 'big' clean would have removed all stubborn build up on the roof, the second maintenance clean will be at a reduced rate.

Our Clients Say

"SPOTLESS provide us with regular window cleaning services, very reliable and pleasure to deal with. I'd have no hesitation in recommending them!"

Greg B.

"The SPOTLESS Group have worked at my property in Oxfordshire on numerous occasions, both inside and out and I have always been delighted with their work ethic and fine results."

Daniel G.

"Very happy with my lovely clean windows - it had been a while since they were last cleaned ... an amazing job at a really reasonable price. Highly recommend."

Sarah B.

Why Choose The Spotless Group for Roof Cleaning?

  • Professional, guaranteed work carried out

  • Reliable & Friendly

  • Uniformed, Professional Operatives

  • Locally based in Oxford

  • Reliability

  • Flexible Scheduling

  • Competitive Pricing

  • Various Payment Methods

  • Many years' experience in Roof Cleaning

  • Guaranteed.

  • Cost-Effective

  • Quality Guaranteed

  • Fully Insured

  • Ultra Care As Standard

  • Traditional Methods

  • No Harmful Chemicals

  • Environmentally-friendly products used during the cleaning and moss removal process

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