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Pressure Washing Oxford

Pressure Washing Oxford

At The Spotless Group we specialise in Pressure Washer Cleaning also known as Jet Wash Cleaning both in Commercial settings and as well as Residential.


It's true that pressure washers can be bought in many well known DIY and garden stores - so why get this done professionally?

Some domestic pressure washers are extremely cheaply made and the pressure they give out is very weak. 

The spray of water in cheaper, domestic models is only really optimised for washing your car or bike. Cleaning a large path or driveway of stubborn dirt can take an excessive amount of time and can produce a very unsatisfactory result using this sort of equipment. We at The Spotless Group fully understand that no one wants to spend hours cleaning the driveway soaked to the skin on a weekend during precious relaxation and family time. We all lead busy lives and often have limited time to tackle such an undertaking. 


On the other hand, Professional, Industrial High-Powered cleaning equipment, with High-Pressured Jets, is exactly what is needed to clean those stubborn and dirty areas efficiently - leaving you free to enjoy some much needed downtime!

"Transformed the outside of my property! Brilliant job; the guys were excellent and very thorough!"

Why is it so important to use a Professional Pressure Washing service for your property?


The main reason is one of safety. Over time the driveway of a property, including the footpaths and steps, are constantly open to the elements such as leaves and other debris. This can acquire a build up of different types of algae, moss, lichens, liverworts and green slime, which can lead to the surfaces becoming extremely slippery and dangerous to walk on. These can on occasion even cause serious slips and falls. 


Build up especially occurs in and around shaded areas and within the garden area. It can also affect garden furniture.


Another reason to have Jet Washing done is that first impressions really do matter! Your driveway is the first thing that catches your neighbours' or visitors' eye! This is especially relevant if you are trying to sell or rent out your home. It also gives the impression that you value your home or property and you see it as an asset. Keeping your driveway SPOTLESSLY clean really does help emphasise the beauty of your home and having it cleaned regularly will help it extend the life of your driveway and help maintain the appearance of your property and garden- keeping it looking good as new!

The Spotless Group has a team of highly-trained professional operatives who will be able to clean most areas with our Professional, High-Powered Jet Washing Equipment. Our rotary flat surface, jetwash cleaning machines are of the latest design to minimise the splashing of dirty water and to give an even cleaning effect over the whole surface.

Pressure Washing Oxford

What Properties Benefit from Jet Wash Cleaning?


End of Tenancy Clean

Untitled_Artwork 1.png

Commercial Areas

Untitled_Artwork 2.png

Residential Areas

Untitled_Artwork 3.png

Schools & Colleges

Untitled_Artwork 4.png

Leasing Agents & Private Landlords

Pressure Washing Oxford

Pressure Washing Oxford

So having googled Jet washing services in Oxford and the Surrounding areas and chosen The Spotless Group to carry out the work, what happens next?


The first step is to contact you by phone and arrange a visit to the property to evaluate exactly what work is required and what, if any, precautions are needed. This visit would also bring to your attention anything broken or damaged in the area needing a clean.


We then offer a FREE no OBLIGATION QUOTE. Once agreed then another appointment is arranged for the work itself to be carried out. 


What Happens on the Day of the Clean?

Upon arriving at your home on the agreed date and time, our uniformed, professional operatives will be sure to introduce themselves to you again and confirm the work to be done. We then take all necessary precautions to ensure that any flower beds or nearby surfaces are protected as much as possible from the excess spray.

Once our operatives equip themselves with safety googles and wet gear, we then treat the area to be cleaned and allow it soak in. After this has elapsed, we then begin the jet washing. 


When the work is complete, The Spotless Group team then check over the surfaces and allow it to dry. Depending on the surface that was cleaned, we will use quality Dry Kiln sand and brush it in to all the now cleaned joints of each block by using a soft broom. Depending on the weather, this final step may have to be carried out on a different, dryer day. 


Other surfaces such as imprinted concrete can be resealed after pressure washing. Doing so helps to protect the surface and prolong its life, minimising future maintenance. It also helps to enhance the colour of the surface that has just been cleaned, helps to protect from stains and slows down the growth of algae and moss. 

This resealing is available in a matt or satin finish. This is subject to an additional cost but it is well worth it to keep the area clean longer. If you are interested in this reasealing option, please let us know when booking your consultation. 


Before our operatives leave your property, we will check the windows and doors that were close to the jet washing area and give these a clean if necessary to ensure that your entire property is SPOTLESSLY clean when we leave.


As always we at The Spotless Group are looking forward to meeting you and to give your property that extra care it needs and deserves.

Our Clients Say

What Areas are Suitable for Jet Washing?

·       Block Paved Driveways & Footpaths

·       Patios

·       Decking & Fences

·       Imprinted Concrete

·       External Brick Walls

·       Natural Stonework

·       Garden Furniture

·       External Ornaments 

·       Cladding

·       Tarmac

·       Swimming Pools

"SPOTLESS provide us with regular window cleaning services, very reliable and pleasure to deal with. I'd have no hesitation in recommending them!"

Greg B.

"The SPOTLESS Group have worked at my property in Oxfordshire on numerous occasions, both inside and out and I have always been delighted with their work ethic and fine results."

Daniel G.

"Very happy with my lovely clean windows - it had been a while since they were last cleaned ... an amazing job at a really reasonable price. Highly recommend."

Sarah B.

Why Choose The Spotless Group for Pressure Washing?

  • Professional, guaranteed work carried out

  • Friendly Customer Service

  • Uniformed, Professional Operatives

  • Oxford & Surrounding Area

  • Reliability

  • Flexible Scheduling

  • Competitive Pricing

  • Various Payment Methods

  • Extend the life of your property

  • Reduce Accidents

  • High Tech, Professional Pressure Washing Equipment.

  • Experienced in Pressure Washing

  • Quality Guaranteed

  • Fully Insured

  • Ultra Care As Standard

  • Traditional Methods

  • No Harmful Chemicals

  • Ideal for Graffiti Removal

  • Dry Kilned Sand used to fill gaps after initial clean (where needed)

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